5 thoughts on “About Ladies Against Women

  1. Dear Ladies,
    We all know the importance of proper spelling for those all important thank you notes, bridge club invitations, ladyfestos and letters to our political representatives on matters of great importance for our cause.
    As a founding member of LAW, may I gently suggest that the word incidious be changed to insidious.
    After all, a man invented not only the dictionary as evidenced by its pronounciation but language as we know it!
    Let us all do our part to maintain this great tradition and do our duty!
    A Lady.

  2. Oh, Miss Emma! Right you are, you sweet thing, you.

    A lady with an ex-suiter named Sid and a quite elegant grudge against all things “sid” seems to have minted the utterly incidious variation. This will never do, as you have stated.

    We shall tidy up. Thank you kindly.

  3. Wow, so glad to see that L.A.W. has a Web presence. Of course we do! I remember Ladies Against Women from my fiery youth and I’m so delighted to find you again. To find us, rather — us!

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