Our Ladyfesto


We Truly Tasteful Ladies Do Hereby Demand  Request:


- Repeal the Ladies’ vote. It is suffering and not suffrage that keeps us up on our pedestals. And if God hadn’t wanted us up on pedestals, He wouldn’t have make us shorter than our husbands.

- Abolish the environment. It takes up too much space, and is almost impossible to keep clean!

- Free Ladies from wage slavery. The 70-odd cents we earn for every manly dollar is entirely too much. It is unladylike to accept money for your work.

- Maintain illiteracy as a high school graduation requirement. An uninformed populace is an obedient populace, and a self-censoring one, too. After all, ignorance is a virtue: what you can’t read, can’t hurt you!

- Insist on universal free childcare. No one should be paid to do what a real Lady does in her home for free.

- Weed out uppity women through the establishment of HULA Committee: the House Committee on Un-Ladylike Activities.

- Procreation, not recreation. Where did so many gals get the idea that s_x is supposed to be f_n? True ladies, it’s time to close your eyes and do your duty!


All rights reserved to us, we’re the L.A.W.



12 thoughts on “Our Ladyfesto

  1. I marched with Ladies Against Women at a SF Gay Pride Parade in the last millennium, sometime in the early 80’s. Do you all know which years the Ladies showed their pretty faces at this sometimes crude and lewd event?

  2. I was just telling someone the other night about L.A.W. and its fine work in keeping America safe from the 21st century. (I even mention you in the women’s/gender studies classes that I teach. But we won’t tell anyone, as doing so would smack of the sort of Shameless Self-Promotion in which, I am told, ladies must never participate.)

  3. ♀ Mrs. Schlafly, surely one of your greatest inspirations (with her husband’s permission), is no longer with us. I can think of no better group than L.A.W. to give her a proper memorial.

  4. I ordered a packet of LAW materials from Plutonium Players back in the 80’s, had lots of manly laffs, and I stuck the packet in a box.
    Years pass.
    Just found it! Memories, eh? Do you ladies have an archive?

  5. I think the “Ladies Against Women” should organize protest rallies and marches in support of Amy Cony Barrett for Supreme Court Justice, She has done her job as a women wife,and mother of bearing 5 children and adopting 2 others, She is against abortion and women’s rights, She is the “perfect” anti-feminist candidate for Justice of the Supreme Court. She is endorsed by the Federalist Society. She, is certified a “Conservative” by the Republican Party and endorsed by Trump. A right wingers right winger..

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